We will move on the stairs

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Moving stuff

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The lines were drawn, and we had to move from East to West. It wouldn’t be easy, it wouldn’t be quick, but war was afoot, and no price was too small for victory.

We would go on to the end, whatever the cost may be, we would move on the stairs, we would move on the landing, we would move past the fields and in the streets, we would move among the hills, we would move from our village to the next, whatever the cost may be.

Early Saturday morning the troops started moving out. Leon got left his flat in London shortly after 7, Melissa joined forces with Nico and Evita. They all converged on our position shortly after 10.

Nico had a flesh wound in his lower back. Ironically it was friendly fire that hurt him - Evita had forced him to go jogging too much 2 weks previously. I had volunteered the services of our field medic - Leon - which was sorely needed.

At least Nico could contribute to the early skirmishes, bringing don several aggressive boxes and even a baby changing table. After that, however, his old injury saw him sidelined in the field hospital (Evita’s new Audi) for the rest of the day.

Evita was our agent of deception. She arrived dressed to kill, in a smart light brown outfit which could serve double duty as camouflage between the boxes. My heart sank at first, thinking she would never be able to get her hands dirty dressed like that.

My pessimism was soon shot out the window, as Evita proved to be the main impetus of our attack. She took the troops by the proverbial balls, and showed the men what to do. In no time she was shuttling between our current and advanced positions, delving out love and orders where needed. Nico got the Love, Leon and I got the orders.

Not only was the good docter our field medic, Leon also provided the big guns. All the hours, days, months spent in the gym finally paid off and he proved effective in the heavy lifting department. Those guns aren’t just for show, they pack a mighty punch as well.

Meanwhile, Melissa was our undercover agent - a master (mistress?) of diversion. While the rest of us where otherwise engaged, she took charge of the young ones (Liela, Elfie and Katja) and kept them occupied. Without her, we would have been weighed down with this burden, but she annexed them so completely we never even saw the 3.

Kobra acted as the mastermind, commanding everything from our her lair. It also happened to be our advanced position, and she directed the troops where necessary. There were so much traffic coming in, she had her hands full in the new position just making sure everything ran smoothly.

By about 3 o’clock, victory seemed assured. Evita took the injured Nico and the exhausted Melissa back to their base further north-north-east from here. We were left with our main carrier and field medic Leon to mop up the remains.

Finally just before sundown I dropped Leon off at our initial position to catch a troop train home. He almost managed to mask his relief at the relief. I picked up some final little things, and headed back to our established new position.

There still remained a lot of little battles left - mostly with a vacuum and rug cleaner - but the main battle was won. We had moved from our old place into our new home, “Little Warthogs” as Evita mispronounced it.

Stocking up on some energy

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A long, long tale

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Invasion of the box packers

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Dem legs were made for walking

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Minding her own business

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Time on our hands

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The sun shines on us

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Exploring the new home

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Mothering Sunday

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Some community work

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Every silver lining has a dark cloud

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Down to earth again

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